Boat Maintenance

Red Bennington
The luxury of a boat is heavily hinged upon how it is maintained and the quality of its upkeep. All year long, taking good care of your boat is vital. Discussed below are some tips on how to do this;

Leave the Drain Unplugged

When leaving your boat out at the landing it is important to ensure that you pull the drain plug and leave it removed. This is important since in the event that it rains, water will not collect and accumulate in the bilge. This is dangerous since it could ruin the boats mechanical parts including the starter; the risk is compounded by the fact that the bilge pump only works for a short while and it may not be as helpful in clearing accumulated water.

Outboard Motor Care

An outboard motor, a common feature in fishing boats, limits one from leaving it unattended for long spans of time. This is because if the fuel-oil mixture is left to sit in the carburetor, the fuel evaporates and leaves the oil to clog the carburetor causing unwanted and expensive damage. To prevent this, it is advised that one should add stabilizer to the fuel and run the engine for about ten minutes, this keeps the carburetor in shape and prevents an overhaul.

Inspect the Boat for Leaks Above the Water Line

A leak above the water line is not as lethal as one below but this does not mean it is not problematic. To detect these you should inspect the deck hardware, the windows and portals for any leaks or possible cracks. Tighten the bolts and screws or just tighten them anew just to be sure.

Use Recommended Spare Parts

It is quite inevitable for boats to age and as they do some parts will wear out and need replacement. When putting out boats for sale especially, it is advisable to replace worn out parts. Use parts approved by the manufacturer and avoid using cheaper substitutes.

Regular Maintenance

You should change your oil every now and then, wash the boat after and flush out the engine after every use. On a nice windy day, open the windows and air the boat to prevent accumulated moisture and corrosion.

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